energyXT 3.0

Creates audio tracks and modifies sound effects
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3.0 (See all)
Create sequences with an unlimited number of audio clips, MIDi files and drum tracks. The program enables customization of every element by correcting pitch, adding ounce, freeze and other effects. Multi-track structures are supported. Import from WAV, AIF, MID, MP3 and rex loops is possible.

energyXT is a program that enables you to create an unlimited number of MIDI, drums and audio tracks. The program includes the following features:
- High quality pitch-shifting and time-stretching using elastique
- Import WAV, AIF, MID, MP3 and rex/rx2 loops
- Audio bounce, freeze and multi-track export
- Built-in effects and synthesizer with sample support
- Supports VST instruments and effects
- Mixer with group channels and unlimited insert and send effects
- Clip based automation of mixer and VST plugin parameters.

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